Sunday, 29 May 2016


We invite nature lovers to go with us to the park Feofaniya and learn aboutthe life of local ants :) What is waiting for you?- Research complex nesting red forest ants (Formica rufa);- The story of the most common in Kiev, Ukraine and Europe species;- A series of experiments and observations of ants (in particular, learn how they overcome obstacles, paving the way, communicates and what to eat);-...

Sunday, 05 June 2016


These fragile beauties grow almost rare in Kiev. Of course, do not expect thatmeadows of grasses known falinopsysy meet . However, be sure that those typesorchids , which we observe will not leave you indifferent. Fotohidom to National Geographic photographer Michael Bogomaz . He will beaccompanied to the location , talk about the types of orchids, photographicsecrets and tell the best angles. Do...

Sunday, 03 July 2016


Summer mood, excitement command fotopolyuvan natural and vivid emotions!And all this in one event - Urban Nature Scavenger Hunt. We invite wanting 03/07(Sunday) to join and get their share of exciting and unusual experience,freedom and joy natural observation. The essence of the game-photography is that each team gets a listfacilities / tasks that it has to find / fix and arrange for twohours,...