We invite nature lovers to go with us to the park Feofaniya and learn aboutsolium.ru
the life of local ants :)

What is waiting for you?
- Research complex nesting red forest ants (Formica rufa);
- The story of the most common in Kiev, Ukraine and Europe species;
- A series of experiments and observations of ants (in particular, learn how they overcome obstacles, paving the way, communicates and what to eat);
- Familiarity with the features of ant life ( talk about ants as a "door of living", "Zombies" slave laborers , etc.).
To participate in this event , please complete the registration form : https://goo.gl/6bpzRX
Date, time and place of the meeting : May 29 (Sunday ), 10:00. Group meets on the platform of the metro station " Exhibition Center ".
Recommended age of children from 8 years.

Lecturer , entomologist Stanislav Stukalyuk , PhD, senior researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Ecology.
Please note that the tour will be held in Russian.

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+38 050 35 141 17 (Anastasiya)
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Photo: solium.ru