Zelenyi Likhtaryk - is educational natural project founded to make more people pronas
noticepronas the amazing and rare things in nature.

The basis of all our activities are knowledge, because without growth rates were
terezhlyvosti and vigilance in nature simply impossible. Before anything notice,
it is important to know what to notice. Therefore, all our initiatives accompanied
by professional botanists and zoologists. These are people who really love their job,
live it and be able to interest others. They can submit material available, grab
practical examples and inspire own experience.

For us it is important that the process of learning and gave pleasure. Ago,
All our events are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you can vi-
flax communicate with lecturers and meet with relatives on spirit people.
We believe that this allows intelligent entertainment and true rest.
After all, being in nature, new discoveries and positive emotion are good for

So keep an eye on our events, join research and recreate with us!
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